Statement Lighting for Shallow ceilings

Sometimes you're working with an older home with those characteristic low ceilings. Other times you have surprises like air ducts or mechanical equipment that when encased, lower the height of a space. Either way, these spots still deserve equal treatment when it comes to making them something special. We've had our eyes on 6 fixtures that seamlessly scale into a shallow space while not compromising any visual punch. 

A favorite. Lindsey Adelman created her Blow series to include a pendant, wall-mount, and this ceiling-mounted fixture, mimicking French wine-barrel candelabras. We can see one statement fixture or several of these sprawled across a ceiling, creating a dreamy atmosphere from above.

Lighting-trifecta Rich Brilliant Willing collaborated with architect Norman Rockwell to create the Witt Series, based on platonic solids. (If you have to look up platonic solid like we might have, here's a quick hint - it is a 3d shape where each face is the same regular polygon and where the same number of polygons meet at each vertex.) Witt's understated, stark form gives volume without the weight, perfect for a low space where visual clutter should be kept at bay.

Apparatus' Cylinder Pendants are a top choice for layering different lengths of light. With custom lengths and various finishes, the Cylinder makes a stream-lined, straight-forward statement without making a space too top-heavy.

The Luna Light by Anna Karlin is all about perspective. With the right vantage point, what first seems like flat shapes stuck behind a bronze rectangle transforms into full-blown, three-dimensional forms carefully tucked into a comfy bronze pocket. The sphere and cylinder are made from rose alabaster acrylic, a material that serves to emit a soft, warm glow. We're saving our pennies for this one.

The NR2 light by Bertjan Pot for Moooi is an updated take on his original Non Random fixture. Whether you see a light inspired by a ball of yarn or maybe even an effervescent soap bubble, The NR2 is a woven web of delicate thread that dances and shimmers in the light of the hidden bulb within. It's elegant and minimal with a slightly more squished profile than the original, making it a very suitable candidate for any low space you may encounter.

Our last pick is this super one-dimensional beauty. It packs quite the punch and covers more than a bit of real estate within a single plane. This pendant is part of the Beaubien line by Lambert & Fils, which also has a free standing version as well as wall-mounted. 

So the next time you come face to face (literally) with a low ceiling, we hope these fixtures will offer inspiration to take full advantage of every inch in those 8 feet.