A mantle is a blank canvas where your most favorite objects can come out to play. It’s like your very own (mini) theatrical stage that you can set and re-set as often as your little heart desires to coordinate with what is most near & dear or current or swoon-worthy to you. 

Today we’ve found a handful of mantles both minimal and brimming that we can’t get enough of and a few helpful hints as to why we think they are styled to a T.


Let’s start with this breath-taker. The over-sized print and pop of pink grounds the mantle and draws your eye upward. The curated objects that sit atop the mantle uphold the historic feel of the space by recalling time periods past, each unique from the rest to capture your attention for the entire marble span.


Complementary textures, materials and shapes are at work on this mantle to create visual interest and movement. The verticality and height of the feathers compliments the horizontal form of the horn opposite and creates a frame for the in-between elements of paper, glass and earthenware to live. 

The woven basket and animal bust (can we all cross our fingers it’s a found piece) serve to anchor the mantle objects that may otherwise feel a bit under-sized on such an expansive white canvas.


Oof! Sometimes all you need to create the perfect mantle display is a stuffed peacock. The decadence of the feathers pairs well with the ornate rug and gilded coffee table. With such a show-stopping element (even if it’s not a cascading peacock), we think keeping the other pieces refined and minimal, like the understated mirror and sconces used here, is a must.


I’m guessing many of us may not be as fortunate to have original cottage charm situated above our mantle - not to mention a mantle that’s in our bedroom. If this whimsical architectural detail didn’t find its way into your space, you can still take cues from the other pieces above the fireplace. 

The staggered sculpture, mini-tapestry and print playfully move the eye to each visual destination and take advantage of such towering walls. The inset mirror is a cinch to incorporate and bounces back that clear, natural light into the space, making waking up in the morning a tad more enjoyable.

With these examples and tips, how will you style your mantle? 

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