Here are a few before and after sneak peeks of our Travis Heights Residence. 

Master Bath:



AFTER: Just waiting for our custom mirrored medicine cabinets and sconces


The Master Bath pre-renovation had a picture framed-mirror (that opened for hidden storage) above the vanity and a toilet and bidet on the wall perpendicular. The shower was a make-shift floating box that was never properly integrated. The existing plumbing pipes pushed the sink up so high it wasn’t easily accessible. 

We designed a tile-encased vanity and step-up to make the sink height more functional, which is at once striking and substantial. The playfully-tiled shower boasts seating as well as built-in shelves. We removed the bidet and relocated the toilet and of course, kept that beautiful natural light flooding the space through the ribbon windows.

Powder Room:

BEFORE: Another make-shift shower and head-banging IKEA sink cabinet.


AFTER: Christian Lacroix wallpaper fixes everything.


First things first, we framed-out a wall to conceal that bulky column and angled ceiling. Post-renovation, the new space is complete with floating fixtures, recessed mirror and frosted windows, and the aforementioned beautiful Christian Lacroix wallpaper and Jason Wu faucet. 

Guest Bath:

BEFORE: Just a teeny tiny utility room, but our client had a vision…


AFTER: We also can’t believe this was possible…


What was once cramped and filled to the brim with winter coats, a washer/dryer and cleaning supplies is now crisp, clear and bright. Subway-tiled walls create a subtle backdrop for a beautiful ‘Cyclone’ herringbone patterned Fileclay-tiled floor and the full-height glass shower doors keep the space full of natural light.

Big thanks to Ruby Ann Designs and Stay tuned for the big Kitchen reveal and Master Suite Updates. Also big thanks to Hannah Berryhill for the pics!